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Your First Osteopathy Appointment

This Body@Boronia blog post is one for those people going for their first osteopath appointment, to walk you through what to expect before, during, and after that first visit with us.

Before the Appointment:

Before coming in to see our osteopaths, take a moment to gather some essential information. Make sure you have your medical history handy, including any past injuries or conditions you’ve dealt with. Jot down any current symptoms or discomfort you’re experiencing, so you don’t forget to mention anything during your visit with us.

You might also like to write down any questions or concerns you have about your health to share with your osteopath, as we’re here to help you, and are happy to discuss anything that’s on your mind around your health and why you’ve come to see us.

It’s best to wear comfortable clothes to the appointment. You’ll probably be asked to move around a bit so we can see how your muscles are working. Restrictive, uncomfortable clothes may get in the way of this.

During the Appointment:

Expect a warm and friendly atmosphere, Osteopathy is a holistic discipline – we treat the whole person not a muscle in isolation – so ensuring you feel at ease is a natural part of our processes in welcoming you to our care.
Your osteopath will start by having a chat with you about your medical history and any specific issues you’re facing, listening attentively and asking questions when required, to get a comprehensive picture of your health.
Next comes the physical examination – this is totally non-invasive or won’t leave you feeling uncomfortable in any way. Your osteopath will gently assess your body’s mobility, posture, and movement. They might ask you to perform certain movements to better understand how your muscles and joints are doing. If needed we may refer you to an imagining specialist to get a better understanding of any injuries you’ve sustained.

Based on our assessment, your osteopath will create a personalised treatment plan just for you, we explain our findings and what we believe could be causing your discomfort – we are here to work with you and find the best approach for your unique needs.

If any hands-on treatment is necessary, your osteopath will explain each step before proceeding. Manual therapy techniques are common in osteopathy, and your osteopath might use gentle manipulations, stretches, or other techniques to address your specific concerns and all that we do is non-invasive. If anything hurts let your osteopath know – communication is key.

After the Appointment:

Congratulations, you’ve completed your first visit with an osteopath! Now, let’s talk about what comes next.

After your session, you might experience some immediate relief from your symptoms, and that is just the most amazing feeling for you and for us! However, keep in mind that healing takes time, and your body might need a bit of adjustment. Don’t be discouraged if you don’t feel 100% right away; gradual progress is normal. It’s even possible that the aches and pains might feel even more pronounced for a day or two while the healing happens.

Your osteopath might provide you with some helpful advice on how to manage your symptoms at home. This could include exercises, stretches, or lifestyle modifications that will support your recovery. Follow these recommendations diligently to maximise the benefits of your treatment with us, we cannot stress the importance of this enough. While we love repeat business, we prefer our patients keep coming back because Body@Boronia are the osteo specialists they want to see for help with their health conditions!

In some cases, your osteopath might recommend follow-up appointments to continue monitoring your progress and adjusting the treatment plan as needed. It all depends on the injury/condition/ache – it’s severity and causes. The important thing to know is that we’re here for you to provide any ongoing support you need.

Remember, open communication with your osteopath is key. If you have any questions or concerns after your first visit or throughout your treatment journey, don’t hesitate to reach out. We are here to guide you and ensure you feel comfortable every step of the way.

Before, during, and after your first visit with our osteopath, you can expect a caring and personalised experience. The team at Body@Boronia take the time to listen to your concerns, conduct thorough examinations to then design a treatment plan tailored to your needs. With gentle hands-on techniques and expert guidance, we help you on your journey to improved health and well-being.

Call us on 03 9762 9445 or click on the BOOK ONLINE button to book your osteo appointment and embark on a path of healing and vitality – we look forward to seeing you!

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