Frequently Asked Questions

Our therapists at Body@Boronia are asked various questions before, during and after consultations, and are pleased to provide answers to our clients.

For any questions not listed, please speak to our friendly staff at your next appointment or call 03 9762 9445.

Do I need a referral to see a Myotherapist, Osteopath, Podiatrist or Exercise Physiologist?

It is not necessary to have a referral to see any of the therapists at Body@Boronia. However, some doctors and other health professionals refer patients to specific therapists for specialised treatment. If you are unsure which approach may suit your condition or injury, our reception staff can assist.

I have Private Health Insurance. Can I use it?

Our therapeutic procedures are covered under the ancillary or extras cover of most major health insurers. With more than 100 health funds, and varying levels of cover, we recommend you check with your health fund to see what is included.

Can I donate blood after having Dry Needling Treatment?

Firstly, thank you for being a blood donor! The Australian Red Cross Lifeblood program has strict requirements for donating blood after you receive dry needling treatments.

Lifeblood require donors:

  • Do not donate blood within 24 hours of having a treatment
  • Treatment be performed by a qualified therapist registered with a governing body
  • Therapists use single-use needles

Our Myotherapists and Osteopaths are qualified, registered and comply with health and safety requirements. The only thing you need to monitor is the 24-hour window to satisfy the requirements of the blood donation services.

Are Body@Boronia therapists qualified and members of an association?
Body@Boronia therapists are tertiary-qualified and registered with an association that informs, regulates, and represents their profession. Our therapists are government-registered, meet high professional standards and complete additional professional education each year to practice in their profession in Australia.

AHPRHA is the government registration body for Allied Health Professionals. Myotherapy and Exercise Physiology are not included in this government registration; however, we follow their strict protocol and guidelines.

Can Body@Boronia therapists refer for radiology?

Our Osteopaths and Podiatrists can refer for most forms of x-ray, ultrasounds, MRI (new injuries) and CT scans. This assists our therapists with diagnosis. When we refer for radiology, you may have an out of pocket expense with the radiographers. Please discuss this with radiology reception staff when booking.

You do not need to see a General Practitioner for a radiology referral; however, our therapist will work with your doctor if further tests and specialists are needed.