What are Shin Splints?

‘Shin splints’ refer to painful inflammation of the front lower leg , where connective tissue (around the muscle that attaches to the bone) is damaged and/or inflamed. It is also called Anterior Compartment Syndrome or Medial Tibial Stress Syndrome, depending where the pain occurs.

What causes Shin Splints?
  • For active people, making sudden changes such as more intense, more frequent, or longer workouts
  • Flat feet -- when the impact of a step makes your foot's arch collapse (our Podiatrist will call this overpronation)
  • Shoes that do not fit well or provide good support
  • Working out without warmup or cooldown stretches
  • Weak ankles, hips, or core muscles
Shin Splint Symptoms
  • Pain on the lower inside of the shin or the middle outside of the tibia bone (shin bone)
  • Symptoms usually develop over time. You may have continued to train through the pain
  • Often, pain is worse at the beginning of a training session, eases as the session progresses, then returns later in the session, or the following day
  • When pressing along the inside or outside of your shin, the area will feel painful and tender
  • In long term cases, you may feel lumps and bumps along the inside of the tibia bone. This is because new bone grows in response to repeated trauma
  • Occasionally, you may see reddening of the skin over the inside of the leg due to acute inflammation

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